Lauren Amelia Hughes

I can't remember when I developed an interest in visual arts, but I have been told it was around the time I developed the necessary motor skills for crayon holding. Once I graduated to more sophisticated mediums, like colored pencils, I began taking art classes. I stuck with the pencils and found a love for illustration that has continued throughout my creative career. 

I studied graphic design and web development at Boston University after receiving a degree in International Business from the College of Charleston. I have worked across a spectrum of industries from fashion to marketing to textile design.  My constant driving force is a passion for sharp, creative visuals. 

I recently relocated to Los Angeles from Washington, DC and work as a freelance designer. I divide my time between graphic design, illustration and surface pattern design. As a graphic designer, I help small business clients with branding. My specialties include logo design, web design, social media marketing, invitations, event materials and advertising. My goal is to truly understand each client's visual aesthetic and business goals and create tailored graphics to fit their needs. 

As an illustrator and surface pattern designer, I let my own personal style take the lead. My illustrations and patterns focus on color, texture and movement. While most of my work is digital, I love layering hand-drawn or painted elements to achieve a painterly style. I grew up by the water and am inspired by nature. I am especially inspired by my childhood home on the coast in Charleston, South Carolina. 

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